23 January, 2009

Collective Mortgage Negotiations

Dear all Mortgagees, 

The problem we have with government and the banks is that they move too slow. Meanwhile we are all suffering with high risk whilst we wait for those with power to do something. So the obvious solution is to put the position of power in to our own hands. We are the most motivated to get results quickly so we should take the lead.

But individually we are weak. The banks will terminate us one by one if we do not collectively renegotiate our mortgages. There are many of us that would like to repay our loans by making payments to the best of our financial abilities. The banks are too willing to not let this happen. It is almost as if the banks have implemented processes to force failure.

We the people of this world are the market that the banks operate in. Therefore, the banks must be more careful how they deal with us. I ask you all now to simply write this idea everywhere you can. Reply to this blog. Get journalists to report that this movement is starting and growing. If banks do not treat us fairly and with integrity - considering the extraordinary economic reality of today -  then we will collectively default on our mortgages until we get an adequate solution.

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