16 January, 2009

Ainars Slesers Transport Minister for Latvia finally has a voice for benefit of the people

Ainars Slesers has long been a favourite Minsiter of mine. However, for some reason the people of Latvia think he is corrupt for doing things like appointing his Chauffeur's son to the Board of the State Run National Railway with a salary of 4000 lvl a month!

Mr Slesers is the first in government to suggest something be done to stop the Swedish banks profiteering on the economic crisis at the expense of Latvians. You would have thought this would have been done long before now - but better late than not at all. Each month 100's of families default on their mortgages so time can not be wasted.

With a very large protest in Riga this week against the incompetence of the government you would think that Ainars suggestion will be followed through by the government. But don't hold your breath as leaders in Latvia seem to be going for the Biggest Fools In The History Of Latvia award.

Mr Slesers seriously has instigated some good business policies for the benefit of Latvia. Freeing up the passenger port and substantial development and air links at the Riga Airport are his biggest successes so far.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Ainars Slesers is a corrupt oligarch. Great ideas though.

Anonymous said...

how unbelievably dumb to believe in a person like Ainars Slesers...