08 February, 2009

Ingrida Sudraba and Vaira Vike-Frieberga Leaders Failing Latvia

The Director of the State Audit Authority Ingrida Sudraba and the ex President of Latvia have both stated publicly that the current government should not disolve and run away from the problems they caused. WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS.

Both these ladies are credible to the majority but do not know what they are saying. What a brainless thing to say. Why should we expect the current bunch of leaders to have the capability to rectify the disaster they have spent 15 years getting us in to???

I met Vaira's daughter 5 years ago in London and had a private uinterrupted meeting with her. Indra asked me what I thought of how her mother was as a President. I told Indra that Vaira did next to nothing to attract business to Latvia and as a result she was neglecting her responsibility. Indra got angry and ended the meeting. Indra's current work peers say that Indra has no interest to do her job effectively.

My wife was the Press Secretary for Ingida Sudruba and she was bullied out of her job so that Ingrida could give the job to her friend that was a Professor at Latvia University. I consider this sort of behaviour to be one that comes from an insecure person that is now not secure enough to take a stronger leadership position to become a Minister.

Exactly what we need is government to disolve so that a new government can be elected and the Anti Corruption Law can be accepted in Latvia.

The economic situation in Latvia is dire but with hope for better times in the future we the people of Latvia can be more motivated to fight through the tough times with optimism in our step instead of depression.