13 April, 2008

Sustainable Economic Growth in Latvia

This Blog so far has topics that continue to point out the lack of leadership in Latvia. From the Post Office to the President of Latvia there seems to be a lack of purpose for everyday activities in Latvia. Considering that the Latvian economy's growth has been credit based and not export orientated then the leadership in Latvia is violently silent.

Too many people in Latvia do not seem to have a reason to live their life to a high standard or even a standard expected as a based level in many other countries. People have either had an easy ride taking credit or they have been left behind economically. The result being - participation from the employee sector is not orientated towards a common goal for the country.
This blog could be filled with many examples of incompetence as a result of a lack of professionalism. In fact in Latvia it is not just that people do not perform as expected in their position, they actually put effort in protecting and disguising their lack of ability to perform.
So in an attempt to push the Leadership requirement to a new level I attended a Conference on Sustainability at the Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA).
The conference had attendees from 11 countries and as usual there were the professors that drilled in to symptoms on the economics ills in Latvia. If these many symptoms get listed and sent to the different political parties then sure enough they will be to long and complicated to be understood.
My suggestion is to keep the list of symptoms for education institution interaction with the business community to together find solutions. The Cause of these symptoms is lack of leadership resulting in under utilisation of the resources in Latvia and the resources freely available to Latvia.
With no direction and overt corruption from the Leadership the future of Latvia is being wasted and their tenure has become one of occupation at a departmental level. So that a higher standard of living can be achieved for the people of Latvia the removal of Soviet Occupation was only a first step as the soviet mentality still exists. The required change is either within the minds of the current leaders or in the minds of their replacements.

Applying processes and recruiting many relevant people to a goal of economic advancement is the easiest way to subtly change the mindset from selfishness to self-fulfillment. Having business make demands and put pressure in many hundreds of areas will cause a profound change in the ethics of the people. The leadership must lead the way otherwise there will be no confidence that the goal is realistic. Business will use the market mechanisms to be the change agent for Latvia. Leadership is not required to drill down in to detail as that should be the responsibility of the Education Cluster and Business Cluster.

The flow chart below shows the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia's suggestion for improving the economic situation in Latvia. In addition to what is written above there is the International Resources segment where Retired professionals are attracted to Latvia to contribute to the goal.

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