28 April, 2008

Latvia at the Centre of Europe

Australian Trade with Europe is around 30Billion Lats a year but trade with Latvia barely touches 1 million Lats. Australia exports over 10% of goods to Europe (mainly Germany and UK) and imports around 25% from Europe.

It is the intention of Austcham Latvia to enable Latvia to increase trade with Australia. The second step in this process has been the establishment of the Australian Chambers of Commerce blog. http://australiancommerce.blogspot.com/

The new Blog attempts to coordinate Australian resources located internationally and within Australia. The proactive Australian Chambers of Commerce worldwide that participate in the new blog will communicate with australian businesses to attract them to their country and encourage Australian business involvement with multiple countries.

This initiative will take time to gain enough participation to be effective. Dean Strautins of AustCham Latvia will self fund promotion to achieve the critical mass of participation.

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