07 March, 2009

Latvia the Lead Weight of Europe

How they praised themselves for getting Latvia in to the European Union. They praised themselves as if Latvia were the only country to join the EU in 2004. When in fact 10 countries joined the EU at the same time the clearest message should have been to Latvian leaders that they had to find a way to positively differentiate Latvia from the other 9.

So are the leaders to be praised for their work especially now when Latvia is probably the worst performing member of the EU? I as a business man, family man, and a benevolent man that has spent a lot of time and effort to provide answers to make Latvia economically strong. I can tell you that my experience and of every other interested person I discussed this with - The leaders that praised themselves did so to mis-lead the public.

One day Latvia will have a Book of Shame that will name the leaders that did not perform as their office dictated. Most likely the book will list the opportunities missed during their leadership.

Joining the EU provided an economic structure for Latvia to operate within. Now Latvia is at risk of being segregated and treated as an undesirable member of the EU.

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