06 August, 2008

Corruption in Latvia and the referendum

So the referendum in Latvia on 2nd August for the people to be able to have the right to disolve government did not get enough votes. Only around 600,000 voted so the bill fell short by by just over 100,000 votes.

One could despair at the lack of interest by the people of Latvia. Or one could look at the half full glass of 600,000 that demonstrated that they would like a better Latvia. So here is a tip for all the people of Latvia.

As all regional government posts are political posts then make sure your local Mayor is doing the right thing for your neigbourhood. The dismissing of Kekava Dome established a legal procedure for all to follow when their Mayor is wasting resources and not making correct decisions.

Start from the bottom and work your way up.

Find this document to show you how:
(Ar grozījumiem, kas izdarīti ar 13.11.1997., 21.12.2000. un 17.02.2005. likumu, kas stājas spēkā no 18.03.2005.)
Likums Saeimā pieņemts 2008.gada 15.maijā.
Valsts prezidents V.Zatlers
Rīgā 2008.gada 28.maijā

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